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    Benign prostatic hyperplasia include following symptoms and signs:
    • One urinates very often
    • One has urgency to urinate more often especially at night
    • Interrupting stream of urine
    • Bladder remains half-full after urinating
    • Tracks of blood in the urine
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    BPH treatment must be always followed by a well-balanced diet. These products contain a plenty of beneficial vitamins, helping to cure the BPH. Prostate friendly diet often consists of:
    • Raw vegetables, fruits and greens, especially melons, watermelons, zucchini, pumpkins, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and potatoes. They saturate the body with vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the protective forces of the immune system.
    • Sour-milk products (butter milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, baked milk). Dairy products improve the performance of the digestive tract, enhancing the absorption of useful components of food consumed.
    • Lean meat (rabbit, quail, chicken, lean pork).
    • Low-fat sea fish.
    • Natural honey
    • Pasta
    • Cereals (oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat). They contain a large amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E, which is essential for the health of men. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that are very important for people with BPH.
    • Black and brown bread.


    One must know well what not to eat for enlarged prostate. It’s undesirable to consume:
    • meat, fish, and mushroom broths
    • fizzy and soft drinks
    • fat pork and mutton
    • strong tea and coffee
    • very salty or spicy dishes
    • sub-products
    • sorrel
    • fish roe
    • pastries

    How to strengthen the prostate? Doctors often recommend to use exercises of Dr. Kegel to strengthen the muscles of bladder and prostate. Such muscles are essential part of man’s reproductive system, as they control the process of ejaculation and urinating. Kegel exercises can even treat BPH without surgery and medicines. Kegel exercises include tightening – relaxing of special muscles, which are placed at pelvic floor, and squeezing anus muscles.

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